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Tuesday, August 20, 2002
I am so excited. I finished all the knitting on my Rosa Reef sweater. I even started sewing it up and did the neckband. I held up the sleeves to the sweater to get the perfect length as my row gauge is usually way off. Now I just have to finish sewing it up, weave in 1/2 million ends, and decide if I want to duplicate stitch the centers of the intarsia flowers. This is definitely going to be my new favorite sweater.

Now my head is going crazy thinking about what sweater I can start next. I'm also thinking about all the different socks I can make for my sister. I think I still need to finish some of the wips in my knitting basket first. Then I might design a sleeveless cabled sweater from some Novita cotton.

Yesterday I finally received my sock of the month kit for August. Tres ugly, IMNSHO. I'm thinking about cancelling my membership.

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