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Monday, September 16, 2002
I have a problem regarding my aran cardigan. I keep going back and forth as to whether I want to continue with it or not. I love the pattern. But I'm wondering about this yarn. I love the color, but I'm a bit unsure about the quality. I mean, it's 100 wool, but of course there are varying qualities of wool. Part of me thinks that it's very cool to take this wool that's in a color that I love (and most people can't stand) and that I got a good deal on, and make it into something beautiful and unique. The only thing is I'm wondering how this yarn will hold up and I probably shouldn't spend lots of time knitting this intricate pattern if it's going to be a nappy finished product. Maybe I should splurge on the yarn recommended in the pattern (Reynold's turnberry tweed), which would be about $70. But I really should stop buying yarn as my stash just keeps growing and growing. Does any of this make sense? What do you think? Email me and let me know.

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