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Tuesday, September 03, 2002
I'm back from the 3-day weekend and here's my knitting news. I finished the back of my sleeveless cotton sweater and cast on for the front. I finished the cabled socks for my sister so I just need to wash them. They are so nice. Stopped at Velona on Sunday and picked up 2 balls of Dale Falk to try for socks (green & gold--Packer socks!) and 2 balls of Regia Stretch. I bought some Caron acrylic at Michael's in green & gold to make some Packer slipper socks for my mom (she needs ones that wear like iron and can go in the washer & dryer). But I just can't handle knitting with it--yuck! To the charity bin with this yarn! I started an Opal tiger sock and just got to the heel last night. These are really cool looking. I think that's about it! Oh, and I also received an order from Carodan farm--one ball Regia in black and one in orange (halloween socks), Port Orford sweater pattern, reinforcing thread, Regia knee socks pattern.

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