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Saturday, September 14, 2002
Yesterday was not a good knitting day. I stayed home from work because I wasn't feeling well and figured I'd get a lot of knitting done. But I realized I've been in kind of a rut and didn't feel like working on anything. Did a few rounds on a sock and got bored. Did a little bit on a cross stitch Christmas ornament and got bored. Took out my sleeveless cotton shell, worked on the front, screwed up the cable pattern, and threw it back in the knitting basket. Then I started looking through old knitting magazines to try and decide what to do with that orange wool I got from eBay. It's really starting to grow on me! I kept thinking poncho as suggested by K, but I saw this aran cardigan in the winter 01/02 IK and fell in love with it. Imagined how cool it would look in orange, so I cast on for it. I am still deciding if I will continue with this project, if I will have enough yarn, etc.

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