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Monday, October 28, 2002
Startitis. Yesterday I was bored with doing st st so I decided to start the lace scarf for MIL for Christmas. I have some beautiful GGH soft kid in white and I picked the basic feather and fan pattern posted on knitters review a while ago. Note to self: don't just jump into lace patterns without checking them first! There was a mistake in the only pattern row. But once I got past that I made some progress and you can see it here. It's such an easy pattern yet it always looks so nice.

Then I was looking at that beatiful dark green Rowan magpie aran that I got from Colourway and I started looking through Rowan mags thinking about what I wanted to do with it. Sweater for DH? nooooo, he doesn't "wear sweaters" grrrrr.....sweater for me? maybe....I know! sweater for my sister! She would like this color and she would really appreciate and use a wool sweater. I am thinking about Sophie from Rowan 30. I started a moss stitch swatch which is here. The only problem is, I'm never going to finish all this stuff before Christmas! gack! I said I wasn't going to do this......

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