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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
We have moved into the new building here at work. No big deal, I have a slightly bigger cube and there's a free soda machine upstairs. Ha. Wait, this does relate to knitting! Often times on my lunch hour I will quickly eat something that I brought from home and then knit for 30-45 min. In the old building I would either knit at my desk (because my old boss was nice and wouldn't bother me on my lunch hour) or I would sit on the big couch over by the coffee machine. Here, I can't knit at my desk because people continue to bother me and pretend they don't know that I'm on my lunch break. There is a nice little area out behind the building with picnic tables and such where I have been going. The only problem is that the benches are like concrete and it's not very comfortable to sit there and knit! It hurts my back. I will have to continue my search for the perfect spot.

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