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Wednesday, November 27, 2002
FUN! I think I may have gotten my mom hooked on knitting again. She used to knit a lot, but hasn't done any in years. So this year for her birthday I got her that "knit a scarf kit" from Peace Fleece and she brought it with her on her trip. She has been working on it during the times when we are relaxing and watching tv or whatever. Then today we went to Knitting in La Jolla. She has never seen all these new novelty yarns and whatnot. She picked out this white iridescent eyelash stuff called Aura (Trendsetter, I think) to make a scarf. Actually I bought it for her, along with a pattern, as one of her Christmas gifts. Then she bought me a K1C2 lace scarf pattern and the accompanying yarn--Richesse et Soie (cashmere blend) in my favorite pale yellow color. It's soooo pretty and soft. I think she was a bit shocked at paying $45 for 3 tiny skeins of yarn, but she said "it's Christmas"! Oh, today I also picked up the new Knitters, the new Knit"N Style, and the Rowan pattern book for Calmer.

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