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Thursday, December 26, 2002
All of my knit presents were very well recieved. My sister called me back yesterday to tell me that she was wearing her new sweater and that it looked and fit fabulous. Now she is very picky so that's high praise indeed. She said now that my mom taught her to knit she can appreciate how much time and work must have gone into it! My grandmother really liked her socks and said she has worn a hole in the ones I made for her in woolease sport. That seems to be a trend and since most of my relatives like to wear the socks I make for them as slipper socks, I have decided no more socks from woolease. MIL loved the lace scarf but of course the first thing out of her mouth was that she can't wait to see the look on her best friend's face (can your DIL make something this nice? LOL). DH's aunt loved the Homespun shawl and was touched that I noticed that she's always cold and always has a cardigan hanging off her shoulders. I told DH that his entire family shouldn't expect knit gifts every Christmas. He said no, not everyone, just my mom. LOL Good thing I like to knit. I told him he needs to buy me some more yarn then. Her bday is coming up in February and I am already planning some white cabled slipper socks.

I finished my Snowflake chunky hat and it's really cute. I will have to post a pic. I just used some bday money to order a bunch more in pale yellow for a sweater. It would be really soft and cuddly like a favorite sweatshirt. You know, cuz I don't have enough projects to work on.

Yesterday while in L.A. I started a pair of socks for my sister in Peace Fleece worsted. This yarn seems a lot heavier than worsted to me because I only had size 5 needles with me and I had to go down to casting on only 36 stitches (and the fabric is very dense). That's ok because they will be very warm and durable (and I'm told that the yarn softens up quite a bit with washing anyway).

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