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Thursday, December 19, 2002
"Evil Ms. Stephanie, enhancer of stashes everywhere". That is my new name, courtesy of my friend Jen. :) She loves it when I post links to all the places I buy from and she would like me to do it more often. bwahahaha

Bea Ellis Knitwear rocks. I ordered that learn to knit kit from them yesterday and just added a comment that it was a gift so could they please not put an invoice in the package. They emailed me today telling me that they gift wrapped it and sent it priority mail to WI for no extra charge. They rock! So be sure to go to their website and spend lots and lots of money.

I stopped at Borders last night and picked up the new FCEK. The only things in there that I liked were one of the men's sweaters and the kids sweaters. I don't have any men or kids to knit sweaters for so into the magazine pile it goes.

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