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Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Last night I did some knitting on the lace scarf. As soon as I get tired I start making mistakes on the pattern row (D'OH) so I had to put it away at around 9pm. I brought the woolease sock to work so hopefully I will finish it up on my lunch hours. I am on the foot right now so there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday I received my Confetti sock yarn in the mail and I had to resist the urge to cast on immediately. This time I ordered some "neutral" colors for socks for my sister. The last order I placed was all kinds of crazy bright colors for me. I also received an order from the Wool Connection that I placed in October. They never even acknowledged my order or told me that it was back ordered or anything so I figured maybe they never got it. Gee, what wonderful service. I am wondering if I will return it, but of course it's yarn so why not keep it! What makes me mad is that part of the order was supposed to be a xmas gift for a knitting friend and I ended up having to buy her something else. grrr.

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