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Friday, January 10, 2003
TGIF! Let's just say it's been a loooong week at work.

Why yes, I did start another new project last night. Thanks for asking. I'm making the socks from the month of January in the sock calendar. I'm using some ivory "Norwegian Sport" superwash that I got from elann. I think I may even try to do both socks at the same time (on 2 sets of dpns) so I don't have to worry about SSS.

My MIL's birthday is coming up in the beginning of February. I'm trying to decide if I want to knit/crochet something for her, and if so what (that won't take a ton of time). I don't feel like making socks and she already has some knit slippers. I made her a scarf for Christmas, and since she lives in L.A. she doesn't really need a hat or mittens. She wouldn't wear a shawl and probably wouldn't use a felted tote/purse. I'm thinking maybe I will make her a crocheted wire/bead necklace or do the washcloths & nice soap thing. If anyone has any other brilliant ideas, please let me know!

Here's wishing you a weekend full of knitting.

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