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Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Yesterday I got some goodies in the mail--The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville, a skein of koigu, and a skein of the new Opal crocodile (in red). Now, I just skimmed the book (ok, looked at the pictures) and I liked it, but I wasn't enamored with it like everyone else seems to be. I don't want to make one of every single pattern. And I tend to like garter stitch. Oh well, to each his/her own. Maybe I will find it more interesting after I actually read it. The koigu is in fun colors and I'm going to use it to make a pair of baby booties. It took all of my willpower not to cast on the Opal socks immediately LOL.

This morning was working on sleeve #1 of Cheesylove and I'm to the point where I finished the increasing. So, I decided I wanted to cast on the body. Holy crap--cast on 504 stitches--twice!! LOL I misread the pattern and somehow thought the 504 stitches was for the ruffle for the entire body. I almost fainted when I found out I had to do it again. Ruffles are cute but sheesh! :)

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