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Monday, March 31, 2003
These questions were asked recently on the knitlist, and I figured I would post my answers here:
1. What sparked your interest in knitting?
My grandmother was always looking for ways to keep me from "being bored".
2. Did you leave it and come back years later? Why?
Yup. I lost interest in it and didn't really come back to it until I was in graduate school. I was really into beading and wanted to take a class on beaded knitting at a local bead shop (making those tiny amulet bags on 0000 needles).
3. What inspires you to begin a project?
Usually a great pattern, but sometimes a great yarn.
4. NOT counting famous/published designers, who is your PERSONAL knitting 'hero'?
My grandmother & my mother.
5. What is your "specialty"?
6. If you could teach one technique, what would it be?
Beginning knitting. Does that count as "a technique"?
7. What is the most recent special technique you learned? Where did you learn it?
The right way to do intarsia (from Nancy Wiseman at tkga).
8. What technique has been your worst bug-a-boo or met with the most resistance?
Intarsia. Maybe that will change now that I took the class.
9. What technique would you dearly LOVE to learn next?
2-handed fair isle
10. Who was the last stranger you met because you (or they) were knitting in public?
um, I don't remember--some stranger on an airplaine.

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