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Saturday, June 21, 2003
I didn't go to the sock knitting get together this morning cuz I wasn't feeling well. I did start my sister's Christmas present, though--the Lion Brand fisherman's wool sweater (from their web site). Today I also started a small cross stitch project for an exchange and I'm making a beaded necklace right now. Can you tell I'm getting antsy from sitting home all the time? LOL

Oh, I did do some online yarn shopping last night as well. I've decided to make DH the Alice Starmore sweater he wants for a suprise Christmas gift for this year. I have lots of time to work on it since I'm home all day while he is at work. I'm making Stornoway from Fisherman's Sweaters and I wanted to find a decent quality wool that wasn't too expensive. I got a great deal on some grey 5-ply guernsey wool (from the UK) so I can look forward to that arriving in the mail.

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