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Friday, June 20, 2003
Well, this morning I wrote an entry about what a crappy knitting day I had yesterday, but blogger ate it. It's probably just as well--you don't have to hear my complaining. Let's just say that the lace shrug has been frogged back to the end of the wrist ribbing and the cotton dishcloth is done.

So far today I have been doing mindless knittting since I appear to be having problems concetrating on an actual pattern. Wool tote & Manos garter stitch shawl. I'm thinking about starting my sister's aran sweater, but I guess maybe I should put that on hold.

Tomorrow there is going to be a get-together in Balboa park for international sock knitting day, or whatever it's called. If the weather is nice I think I will go and bring my poor fixation socks that need to be finished.

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