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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
I know I haven't blogged in 2 days, but I haven't done anything in 2 days. DH and I have both been feeling a little under the weather so we've been either sleeping or sitting like lumps in front of the tv. I didn't even feel like knitting.....

Until last night. I decided I wanted to do some sort of lacy tank top. I thought I was going to design one, but then I looked through the summer IK and realized that there are 2 in there that I want to do! So last night I swatched and cast on for Joan M-M's 'Luminous Lace Camisole'. It's soooo pretty. I'm using some Berocco Cotton Twist in a orange sherbet type color. It's got some rayon in it so it has that little bit of sheen. Fun!!

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