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Friday, July 25, 2003
Sewing. I finished the cotton nightgown. It's not a perfect fit, but it's on the big side so it's comfy to sleep in. It's also very lightweight so it's nice and cool. I think if I made it smaller it might feel binding when I'm tossing and turning. Next up: a pair of boxer shorts for DH using some MLB (major league baseball) fabric.

Knitting. I did indeed get out my braids cardigan and I am working on it again. I am only 12.5 inches into the body and I need to get to 19 inches before I start to separate it for the sleeve openings and whatnot. This morning I figured out that it takes me almost 15 minutes to do one row. d'oh! (lots of stitches when you're doing the front and back all at once)! But then when it's done, it's done so that's nice. Last night I went to SnB which was fun. Heather is talking about designing and it always makes me want to do more designing. Soon, hopefully!

Happy 26th Birthday to my dear sister Kerri! She is out on a boat somewhere outside of Alaska studying algae so I can't even wish her a good day. Maybe she is at least wearing the birthday socks I sent to her before she left.

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