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Thursday, September 04, 2003
I did a bunch of stuff yesterday. Sewing. I finished my shorts and they're wearable, but not great. I've decided that I do not like sewing with ribbed knit fabric. Regular knit fabric is ok, but when it's ribbed it's just too stretchy to sew with. Then I finished up the skirt that will be for my mom for her birthday. I made a decorative pillow using an old pumpkin needlepoint that I got on eBay for a dollar or two. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow. Oh, I also took a piece of green patterned fabric that I had and put it around the bottom of my craft table (using velcro), like a skirt (but not gathered). That way I can pile lots of stuff under it and it looks less cluttered. Knitting. I made some progress on my chickami. It's nice, mindless knitting.

This morning I wasted a lot of time trying to sew and outfit for a tiny stuffed pig that I have. It doesn't really have a body like a pig, though--more like a teddy bear or whatever. Anyway, she now has a cute skirt but no top. Maybe I need to knit her a sweater. I went to JoAnns because I needed more velcro. I was so excited to spot some flannel Hello Kitty fabric, but they only had a about a yard left. I asked if they had any more and they said no. Apparently it sold out fast. I bought what was remaning and also a yard of some cute printed knit fabric (baby clothes)?

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