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Friday, September 12, 2003
Still working on the ribbing of Stornoway. 316 stitches, in the round, 2x2 rib, on US 1 needles, 3 inches. Ack! Will I ever get to the good part of the sweater?

Yesterday I did some sewing and made a little baby jacket from some knit fabric I got on clearance at JoAnns. It's funny because you think since it's small and for a baby it will be so easy & fast. Then you realize that you still have to go through all the steps and do all the details, just in a tiny size. It's really cute, though. Last night I hand-sewed on the velcro closures while watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Stephanie's top 5 favorite tv shows (not counting NFL football, which is a no-brainer)
1. Queer Eye for the Straight guy
2. Iron Chef
3. ER
4. Healthy Home & Body, Mind, and Spirit (Health network)
5. Jerry Springer (I have no shame)

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