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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
I finished my koigu harvest cable socks (and don't they look just stunning with my jammies?)

Of course, I immediately had to cast on for a new pair of socks because heaven forbid I have a single set of US1 dpns without a sock! These are just plain st st using some patterned black & white Fortissima Colori 1000. They will be a Christmas gift for Anthony's cousin--the one male I know who appreciates hand-knit socks.

I really have a lot of other stuff to do, though. Namely, my interview went well yesterday and now he wants a research summary. It has to be 3-5 pages and it has to make me sound like a frickin' genius! Heh. I also have a cross stitch I need to work on for a round robin. I think it was supposed to be mailed out last week. Oops! Then there's laundry, errands, etc, etc, etc.

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