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Monday, October 27, 2003
San Diego Fires. Luckily, we are not close enough to any of the fires to be in danger. It's still very scary. I sit glued to the tv news watching all the horrific footage and getting updates. I woke up yesterday morning and the sky was grey and orange and there was ash falling everywhere. There was so much smoke and it was eerily quiet when I had to take the dog out (no cars, no people, no nothing). It's also quite warm with humidity in the single digits and we have to keep all windows shut with no air conditioning. Not pleasant. I haven't been doing much knitting because it's hot and hard to concentrate.

I'm trying to start back on a fitness program, but of course I can't go outside today. I think I will go pick out an exercise tape to do before it gets too hot.

I was supposed to have another interview today, but I think it will have to be postponed. Everything is closed and we are supposed to stay inside and off the roads.

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