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Sunday, November 09, 2003
Pic day. First, here are the fraternal Packer socks. I'm going to send them to my sister.

Here's my mom's goofy acrylic cell phone case

That's about it for knitting. I'm very close to finishing fortissima sock #1 (xmas gift). Oh! I almost forgot--I started a pair of wool slippers for my mom using Lamb's Pride bulky and the pattern in Knitting Pretty. I was just talking to mom yesterday and it's really cold in northern Wisconsin and she had to get out her wool socks and hat!

I did some sewing this weekend and finished up the flannel jumper dress

It looks much better on, but I didn't feel like modeling. It has snowflake fabric down both side seams and 2 little iron-on snowflakes at the bottom. Cute, no?

And finally, an adorable picture of Jackson. He thinks it's cold when it gets below 70 degrees. He actually slept like this all night last night.

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