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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Yesterday was one of those days. You know--when you oversleep and the rest of the day just kind of spirals down from there? Anyway, today's a new day, I got up when my alarm went off, and I'm having green tea and a fat-free blueberry scone. Also, today is payday and the last day before a 4-day weekend. It has to be better!

My Peruvian Sierra yarn arrived from elann yesterday and it's wonderful. The color (eggplant) is really even better than it looked on the monitor. I started swatching last night using a 4.0mm needle instead of the 4.5mm suggested on the ball band. Apparently my tension is getting tighter (thanks, Alice Starmore) because I got a bunch more stitches than they did (like 22/4 in instead of 19). That's weird because I usually have to go down 1 or 2 needle sizes to get the recommended gauge. Believe it or not, I think I will even do a second gauge swatch today (with 4.5mm) and see how that looks/feels. Amazing! I hardly ever make one gauge swatch! heh. I'm thinking this is going to be a pullover for me, but I haven't decided exactly what it will look like. Probably something simple. I only ordered 15 skeins and I'm already paranoid that I won't have enough yarn. Oh well, we'll see. This is elann's own yarn so I'll just have to hope that they keep it in stock for a little while.

Time to make lunches and get ready for work. Hopefully I won't have to work a full day today. Then I can get home and knit! Oh, and start preparing for tomorrow. It's just me and DH, but I'm cooking my first-ever Thanksgiving turkey!

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