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Saturday, December 27, 2003
I forgot to mention the knit-gifts I received for Christmas. Most importantly, I got my ballwinder from DH. In addition, my mom put some little things in my stocking like stitch markers, bobbins, and yarn needles. My mom also got me a JoAnns gift card so of course I had to go there today. They're having a great sale right now (I might actually go back tomorrow for some fabric). Today I bought 3 patterns ($.99 each), some Lion Brand Imagine to make a vest for my mom and some Lion Brand Pound of Love for a baby blanket.

I finished the garter stitch scarf. It's warm and long (which of course I don't need in SoCal...but it's cute). I should finish those koigu socks but right now I'm thinking about starting something new. Like usual.

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