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Thursday, December 11, 2003
I think I have a cold. I have so many allergies that it's hard to tell, but that would explain why I've been unusually tired the past few days. And my nose is stuffier than normal, so right now I'm drinking some Winter Aid tea. It has ginger and other stuff good for the respiratory system.

I've decided that I really don't want to finish the aran pillow, which was the only Christmas present I had left to knit. So I decided that BIL's gf will get this scarf, and I am knitting a beanie for BIL using Fortissima sock yarn. I feel much better now.

I'm done with work for the week and don't go back until Monday morning. Woohoo! Tonight I'm going to the SnB at Starbucks and tomorrow night is my boss's Christmas party. Saturday morning I have a PCOS breakfast meeting to attend and Sunday is the big Packer/Charger game (DH is a Chargers fan. And the game is in San Diego, but we couldn't get tickets unless we wanted to pay double from a scalper. poo). In between all that I have a lot of cleaning to do. My mom and sister will be here in a week!

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