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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Yay! It's Thursday afternoon and I'm off work until Monday. So finally, here are some pics. First, the tiny bit I have done so far on the sleeve of the must-have cardigan:

I was getting frustrated again last night because I kept making stupid mistakes and then I'd have to go back and fix them. I simply cannot work on anything with a pattern after work while watching tv! I almost frogged it, but decided that it's way too purty. I will perservere, on the days I can concentrate.
To cheer myself up, I cast on for my pippi kneestockings. I see that Kate started hers a little early (the knit-a-long starts Feb1, officially), so it's ok for me as well.

The white and red are Emu Superwash dk from elann and the pink and purple are Berella Country Garden dk from Smiley's. I actually decided to use white for color A since I already had plain old white elastic thread and I didn't want to have to go out and buy more!
Finally, here is Opal Lollipop sock #1. I started the second one as well.

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