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Saturday, February 28, 2004
Yes, I'm still alive. Although for a while, our computer was not. Our hard drive completely died and we had to get a new one and reformat it and all that good stuff. Meanwhile, I caught a bugger of a cold and didn't even go into work Wed, Thur, or Friday. I didn't do any knitting at all. I did make one small cross stitch towel for an exchange and cut out a few sewing projects (a spring dress and some sewing machine accessories). I also found some cute buttons for my jean jacket, which I need to get back to. I have to start on the lining so I'm procrastinating. You know, I have to change out the needle and thread and all that.

I might not get much accomplished in the next few days cuz I have a big job interview to prepare for. It's Wednesday morning--wish me luck!

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