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Friday, February 20, 2004
Yesterday I decided to pull out my Peruvian Sierra sweater and make some progress on it. Several months ago I started the back, almost finished it, and then stuffed the whole thing in my knitting bag. Short attention span and all that. But, uh, I think it would be really nice if I actually had a handknit wool sweater to wear while there's still a bit of cool weather. Can you believe that I don't have one? Well, ok, one, but that doesn't count because Karen knit it. The only long-sleeve sweaters I have that I knit for myself: 1 acrylic & 1 cotton. I know, it's embarrassing. Anyhoo, I finally finished the back of the pullover and started on both sleeves at the same time. This sweater is all stockinette so it really shouldn't take long!

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