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Friday, March 26, 2004
Man, am I tired. No, it's not from too much partying with my mom. heh. My Dr. gave me a new allergy medicine this week since Claritin D doesn't work for me anymore. The good news is that the new one seems to work well; the bad news is that it seems to make me tired (even though it's 'non-drowsy', naturally). So today we didn't do much other than get lunch and hit one more yarn store (The Needlecraft Cottage in Pacific Beach). Mom admired the Eros while I bought three balls of Plymouth Encore in 3 shades of brown. These are for 'man slipper socks' for Christmas presents.

Mom is cruising along on her vest and is already looking through my knitting magazines for her next project. Hee. I've been cruising along on the camisole, until just now when I made a mistake and I'm too tired to find it. Don't you hate that?

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