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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Whew. Today's big job interview was exhausting, but I think it went well. Now to cross my fingers and wait.

I actually picked up my CTH sock last night and knit a few rows and then started the heel. That was the extent of it. Today I received my fabulous new Dale baby book (so many cute things) and the yarn to make the chicken sweater (not penguin). I'm very tempted to cast on immediatley, as usual. In sewing news, I've been reading some sewing blogs and they have given me this crazy idea that I just need to sew myself some underwear. I know it sounds odd, but they are apparently pretty easy and cheap and of course you can use all kinds of cool colors and prints and most importantly--get the perfect fit. Don't worry, I will not be modeling the finished products on this blog.

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