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Saturday, May 29, 2004
Confessions of a sewing maniac.
Wow, I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. There are a lot of cute maternity patterns out there now and I've been dying to try them! I definitely won't suffer from a lack of clothing over the next 8 months. I figue I might as well do it now while I have the energy and motivation (and before I start making all baby stuff)!

My cotton Padres print maternity top is finished except I need to hand-sew the hem. Yesterday I finished a cute pair of yellow maternity shorts and cut out the pieces for a red and white gingham maternity jumper/dress. I also dug out a peachskin maternity dress that I started a few months ago (I was getting a head start. ahem) and I just need to do some finishing on that one. I think I'll post some photos tomorrow.

This morning I was at JoAnns bright and early (you know, before they even opened the doors, hanging out with all the crazy old quilting ladies). They have a big memorial day sale going on this weekend and I wanted to get there before the lines got ridiculously long. I got some cute flannel at only $1.99/yd (1 hello kitty and 1 strawberry shortcake), some cute black printed polyester for another maternity dress, and 2 cute cotton prints for who knows what (hello kitty as well. ahem). Simplicity patterns were 99 cents so of course I bought all the maternity ones that I don't already have plus 2 baby patterns. Got some thread for 50% off as well.

Uh, so you can see what I will be doing this weekend. I also have to work on my project for the SnB book and sew up a mohair sweater for someone at the local SnB group. Those 2 things should really be top priority since they pay and all.

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