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Sunday, August 29, 2004
Guess what? My sewing machine is coming back out today (well, we hardly ever eat at the dining room table anyway. heh). I've been wanting to sew, but I wasn't really inspired by any projects. Today I was talking to my mom and found out that my cousin's 2 baby boys are growing quickly (as babies do) and they need clothes (which my cousin can't afford). So, that's a great excuse to sew some cute baby clothes, no? I have some nice microfleece so I'm looking at winter clothes (they do live in Wisconsin, after all). I also have an excuse to take a trip to JoAnns this week cuz I don't have a single pattern that is sized for a 18-month-old. I have several baby patterns, so today I cut out a jacket and pants for the 6-month-old.

That's very generous of you to make some clothes for your cousins sons. Everything you sew looks great. Be sure to post pics. I think they are having a $1 pattern sale for one brand at JoAnns, the ad came in the mail a few days ago. Have a great week.
I've never had a baby boy to sew for. Well, I do have a son but I was too busy with 4 kids to sew much. I can't wait to see the outfits you sew for him.
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