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Friday, August 20, 2004
I'm so flippin tired. You'd think I worked an 80 hour work week instead of 40. Mneh. Hurrah for the weekend! And I even made a quick trip to the grocery store today on my lunch hour so that's one less thing for me to do tomorrow. Also, I'm not making dinner tonight. At work today we had a big Italian buffet for lunch, and there was tons of food left over. We were all told to take some home, so of course I did (the company brings in lunch every Friday. cool). So, apparently life's all about me being lazy (duh). Time to go take a nap or something. Crafts? fuggeddaboutit.

I may be joining the ranks of the too tired to craft because I'm working crowd...I start my job Monday, so I'm sewing, sewing, sewing today.
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