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Friday, September 10, 2004
Lots of stuff to talk about today

Look what I got from my secret pal yesterday

Koigu!!!! Oh, how I love koigu. And I've never had a colorway even similar to this one. I'm sure these will become socks for me, but I haven't decided what pattern I will use. She also sent a cute card and the knitter's handy guide to yarn requirements from Ann Budd (which is going right in my purse). Thanks, secret pal!!

The second StitchNBitch book, StitchNBitch Nation, is available in November sometime. Here is the description of the book and it even mentions my yoga mat bag. Woo! Go to amazon right now and pre-order your copy! :)

Sunday I'm driving to Burbank because I have to be on the set of Knitty Gritty Monday morning at 8am. How cool is that?? I'm a little bit nervous, even though I'm just going to be a knitster (basically just knitting a sock in the background). But I'm very excited about hanging out with my pals Karen and Vickie. woo!

Umm, actual knitting. I started on the front of the purple sweater. I've decided to just do plain stockinette and a v-neck. Maybe tomorrow I can get an outside pic so you can actually see the color. I also have to work on my project for Knitty Gritty--a slipper sock. I need to have it about 1/2 to 3/4 done before the show.

I'm glad you liked the Koigu. I love the colors too!!

Thanks for the tips for your last package. I will consider them, indeed. I can't wait for the next Stitch n' Bitch book to come out, congrats for you.

And how exciting being at Knitty Gritty.

Until Next Time - SP
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