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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Hey, do you have any old cell phones, pagers, or PDAs lying around? If so, here's a great way to recycle them and raise a little money for the charity of your choice!

Knitting news. I haven't been doing as much as I'd like because I'm having some pain in my left hand/arm. I'll blame it on pregnancy. On Rogue, I did get to the part where you separate for the front and the back. I've also been playing around with making some knit poinsettia pins (which led me to making one from felt as well).

Oh, it looks like we found a new apartment. I'm happy about the place, although the thought of packing and actually moving is a nightmare. We have too much stuff!!!! I think I will be putting a few things on eBay over the next few days.

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