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Monday, December 06, 2004
It's 10:00 on a Monday morning and I'm in my jammies eating oatmeal. I never said being unemployed didn't have it's perks!

I must admit that I'm a bit bummed about this whole moving thing. Technically, we have until Feb 1st to move, but it's more likely that we will move around January 1st. That means trying to find a new place, trying to scrape up enough money for all the deposits, packing, packing, and more packing. Then of course there is moving, which I can't really help with since I can't lift anything heavy. Plus, there's really no point in hauling all of my Christmas decorations out of the storage space--that's just extra stuff to repack and move later. And I was really in the Christmas spirit this year--I guess cuz I'm so happy I'm pregnant and since I'm not working I thought I would have plenty of time for endless decorating and such. Oh well. I think I will go buy myself a poinsettia and a cheap strand of lights and that will have to do. Luckily my wrapping paper and my Christmas cds weren't in storage.

Knitting. Yesterday I got Rogue out and started working on it again, thinking it would be nice to actually finish it by Christmas and send it to my sister. Of course, that may not happen and I'm ok with that. I may just tell her about it and get it to her as soon as I can. She will understand. Right now I have one sleeve done and a good chunk of the body (which is done in the round). The problem is that I'm sure that big hood will take some time. The only other gift I need to finish is the pair of boot socks for DH's cousin. The first one is done and I cast on the second one. I'm using worsted, so they go quickly. Oh, I also have a few sewing things on my to do list as well.

Oh, the new knitty is up. There are some really cute patterns, but I really can't start anything new until at least January!

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