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Saturday, December 11, 2004
What have I been doing lately?

Well, morning sickness has finally hit me. I must say I'm pretty lucky though--it hasn't been much of a problem up until now and I haven't actually thrown up yet. Just feeling nauseous and dizzy. A lot.

I feel like I have a lot of knitting and sewing to do before Christmas and I'm getting nowhere fast. I finished stitching a small xs Christmas ornament for me and my Regia Christmas sock #1 is done. Hmmm, do we see a theme here? I'm supposed to be working on projects for other people! I think my goal is to finish the boot socks this weekend. And maybe do some sewing.

I did go to SnB at Starbucks Thursday night. That was fun. I worked on my xmas sock and chatted with some nice gals. I had a decaf soy latte and had to leave by 8:30 cuz I couldn't stop yawning. Oy.

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