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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Yes, I survived the holidays. On Christmas Eve, I did some baking and then DH & I opened presents and watched the Packer game (go NFC North champion Packers woooooo)! I made spinach lasagna for dinner and then we drove up to my MIL's house (we figured there would be less traffic than on Christmas day). Christmas Day we ate, exchanged gifts, and watched the Laker game. We also told DH's family about the baby and they were very excited.

As far as knitting is concerned, I did get one knitting-related gift and it was great. The fabulous Karen sent me some yellow cotton and some yellow wool yarn (to make baby things, of course). I also got some cash, but the only yarn purchase I made so far was 2 balls of sock yarn from eBay (1 trekking, 1 Regia). With all the baking and some sewing and cross stitching, I haven't been knitting much at all. I've been working on the pink Opal sock and I'm almost to the toe shaping on the first one. Brenda asked what Opal I was using. I don't know the name of the group, because I got this yarn a few years ago when I ordered a big box of Opal from Germany. But I can tell you that the ballband says Farbe (color?) 194 and Partie (lot?) 2804. Hope that helps.

In other news, we had a prenatal appointment this morning and I finally got to meet my OB. She was really nice and we like her a lot. She was just planning to listen to the baby's heartbeat with the doppler, but she couldn't find it. So I wouldn't panic, she hurried and got the ultrasound so we got another free look at the baby! Woo! It actually looks like a baby now and all is well

so adorable...congragualtions.
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