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Thursday, March 10, 2005
Just pluggin' away on my WIPS over here. I just realized that I need to finish up the sockapalooza socks right away since I believe they are supposed to reach the recipient by the 15th of this month. I've been saving them for evenings lately since they're the simplest project I currently have on the needles. Maybe I will get a decent amount done at SnB at Starbucks tonight.

As usual, I'm also thinking of other projects that I want to start. I joined the yahoo group that's knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman's pi shawl, as I've always wanted to knit that one. I also just ordered 2 lace books from In addition, I'm doing some research on how to knit wool soakers (diaper covers) since I'm planning to use cloth diapers (which I'm also looking into sewing). Fun! I love it when I'm not working! I might as well make something practical once in a while, no??

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