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Monday, March 14, 2005
More soakers!

Apparently I am addicted to knitting wool soakers. I made two more over the weekend.

The cream one is from Lion Brand fisherman's wool using a pattern I purchased from here. The other one is from Lion Brand magic stripes and I used this pattern. I was planning to go back to the garden shawl today, but I may have to make another soaker! They knit up fast (especially in the small size) and I get to use up all the 100% wool leftovers I have lying around. Note that the magic stripes one is more decorative than practical, since it's superwash wool.

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They are really cute. I hope you won't be offended but wool can irritate the baby skin and cause a rash, even if it only touches at the leg openings. You are so creative eveningthing you do looks so nice.
Stephanie, those are adorable! I bought that pattern recently, too. I've made some soakers out of recycled felted sweaters, too. And I've got a stack of diapers made out of old t-shirts.

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