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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Yes, I admit it. I did knit another wool soaker yesterday. I'm not going to show you a pic cuz well, I'm too lazy. I used more Cascade 220 leftovers (mainly kelly green with a little bit of white) and the same pattern as the one I made on Friday. Seriously, these are very addicting. Especially since people who can't knit are paying about $22 each for these!

I'm thinking about going back to the garden shawl today, but I'm feeling kind of mneh and I don't know if I have the concentration. In the meantime, I'm cutting out some flannel to sew diapers (yesterday at Walmart I found some cute flannel with sheep on it!) and finishing up the knitting on my plain pink Opal socks.

My sockapalooza pal should receive her socks today. I wonder if she will like them? She doesn't have a blog, so hopefully she will email me and I will let you know what she thinks!

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