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Monday, July 18, 2005

Yay! Yesterday was another fun Sunday. Karen drove down from L.A. just to meet Henry! And she brought me a big box of chocolates--how sweet is that?? Luckily when she arrived he was just finishing a bottle so he was pretty alert and content. After visiting for a while, we headed off to SnB at the Whistlestop. Karen worked on some cute baby socks for her upcoming website (I'll keep you posted) and I worked on an ancient UFO (some socks, picture later). Unfortunatley the socks aren't totally mindless, so I had trouble talking and knitting at the same time (and don't blame the beer--mine was non-alcoholic)!

Henry is the cutest. baby. ever.
This is about the only time ever that I've wishes I was on the mainland.

Hugs from Maui.
Henry is getting SOOOOOOOOO big! It seems like only yesterday . . . anyhow, he is growing up beautiful - you must be doing something right Steph!

So sweet to see him with Auntie Karen too!

Be well, and get some rest! ;)
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