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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Progress, I think

I started Amble (from the sixsoxKAL) with the coppermoth yarn. I did the ribbing and one pattern repeat. It's fun!

I'm continuing to work on the feather and fan baby blanket. At first I was only working on it when I went to Starbucks (so I could concentrate), but now it's sitting next to my bed for whenever I get a quiet moment or 2 (yeah right). It's a pretty easy pattern and now that I'm back into the swing of it, I can pick it up and do a row (or 1/2 a row) here and there. It's knit in the round and I'm starting to get a lot of stitches on the needle (over 300 at the moment). One problem is that I changed the pattern (I'm using laceweight instead of worsted) so I'm going to have to add repeats to make it big enough. The thing is, it's hard to tell how big it is while it's all scrunched up on the needles and I have no idea how big it will block out. I guess I'll have to wing it and if it ends up too small I can always knit on an edging or something.

As for my Friday Harbor socks, I managed to dig the yarn out of my stash and that's about it!

I haven't knit any of the socks. I have printed some of the patterns out though! Just saw Amble today and I like it; it'll be printed too. Of course when I do make it (if I do make it) it'll be modified for toe-up. But it's a nice non-fussy, non-girly pattern and I like that.
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