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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Sock blahs

Socks are my comfort knitting. I always have at least one pair on the needles, usually a nice mindless pair in some pretty self-patterning yarn.

Of course, I haven't had much knitting time lately. Socks are good for just getting in a few rounds here and there, but I don't even like any of the socks I'm working on at the moment!

  • Friday Harbor. These are stalled until my sister tries on sock #1. The pattern annoys me to no end.
  • Amble. I ripped out my first attempt because I didn't like the pattern in the yarn. I like my second attempt much better (different yarn), but I can't tell if these socks are going to fit me or not. They seem a bit too snug. Which annoys me to no end.
  • Plain Opal cotton rodeo. I don't like this yarn. The colors and patterning are really ugly to me. I ordered the yarn off eBay and I did not get what I was expecting. For some reason I decided to knit up a pair of socks anyway and give them as a gift. I mean, I think my mom will like the finished socks, but who wants to knit with ugly yarn?
  • various ufo/single socks that annoy me to no end (hence the long-standing ufo status).

Maybe I should make a trip to the frog pond. Maybe I should just finish some of these up and get them out of the way. Maybe I will wait until my patternworks order arrives and start some new koigu socks for me...

You have a great blog! I love all the pictures of your little man. What an adorable kid! Our daughter was a 33 weeker, too. You'd never even know it now at 22 mos. I only wish I'd known about wool soakers when she was smaller. Definitely would have given those a try! Glad to have you as part of the preemie project!
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