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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Funny how weekends take on a different meaning now. I still look forward to them because I get to spend some time with DH and he gets to spend some time taking care of Mr. Henry (in other words, giving me a bit of a break). He will probably have to work this afternoon, but tomorrow his brother is coming for a visit and I think I will go to Starbucks with my knitting. ahhh. Did I mention that Starbucks is air conditioned? I'm sick of summer. Henry and I just got back from a walk and I'm sweating (and it's only 10am). Here he is in his stroller (wearing his Padres cap, of course).

He is a cutie!
Oh, you're little guy is just adorable! And you seem to find lots of crafting time, too! I wouldn't dream of sewing my own diapers -- that would cut in on the knitting time. :)
OMG, what an excellent photo. I can't wait to hang out with both of you cuties. See you later!
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