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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Karen sent Henry this adorable hat from her store (along with lots of other goodies). It's obviously a bit big on him, but that's cuz I want it to fit him when we go to Wisconsin this winter. Cuuuuuuuute, no?

Knitting news. Yesterday afternoon I did my knitting at Starbucks thing (duh, I couldn't go today cuz there's football). I was working on the never-ending feather and fan baby blanket and I came to a decision. I'm going to finish off the pattern as written and then block it and see how big it is. If it's too small I will knit on some sort of edging. Right now I'm at over 400 stitches and I'm getting really bored.

I finished one amble sock from the six socks knitalong and cast on the second one. I've decided that these will most likely be a Christmas gift since they are really nice, but a bit too small for me. I still need to frog and re-do my Friday Harbor socks, finish the Opal rodeo cotton socks for my mom (she arrives on the 20th, yay!), and I'd like to start the feather and fan socks from socks, socks, socks (yes, I joined the knitalong for that too). I will also try to knit several more sets of booties for the preemie project.

So cute!
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