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Friday, September 16, 2005
Random Friday stuff

  • I did a really half-assed job of trying to update my blog for fall.
  • Dani is going to custom-dye some Green Bay Packers sock yarn for me!
  • I know ponchos are on the way out, but is it ok for me to still make this? I [heart] it.
  • Campbell's Soup at Hand is a pretty good idea for new moms (you can eat lunch with only one hand)!
  • Plans for the weekend--uh, go to the store and buy diapers and laundry soap, watch baseball, watch football, knit, sew (maybe), clean up the house a bit since my mom will be here on Tuesday, more walks with Henry in the stroller and Jackson on the leash.

Fashion trends aside, that poncho is really beautiful! Hmmm, now I may have to make one for myself. :-)

That doesn't even look like a poncho -- to me, ponchos have points. But never mind that, it's really, really pretty! Do it. ; )

The sock yarn sounds like a blast! What a great friend to do that for you.
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