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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yay me!

I finally finished the rest of the size small diapers I was making for Henry. You know when I started cutting out the fabric for these? The day my water broke. Yeah, in May. And here I thought I was way ahead of the game. I still had almost 8 weeks left until Henry was scheduled to arrive. I had finished a ton of newborn diapers and I was already working on the next size up! Heh. Then he arrived 3 days later and I had to think about making preemie sized diapers.

Anyway, these are all-in-ones. I wanted to use cute cotton fabric on the outside so I put a waterproof (PUL) layer underneath. The cute moose fabric is leftover from a shirt that Karen made for Henry. The green fabric with salt-n-pepper shakers is the Michael Miller fabric that I used to make my kitchen appliance covers. The blue winnie-the-pooh fabric is leftover from some baby jammies that I made for a friend. I found the cute navy batik fabric and Walmart and the red fish fabric is from some online store (don't remember). Of course, there's always some spare Green Bay Packers fabric lying around.

I should really get started on the ones in size medium...

Those are great! My DS wears cloth as well, love it love it love it! I'm not an AIO user though, just not something I ever got into! Well done!
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