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Sunday, October 16, 2005
What knitting am I taking with me on my 2-week trip to Wisconsin?
  1. Opal Tiger--plain stockinette socks that will be a xmas gift (I just cast on the first one about 5 minutes ago)
  2. A scarf (commissioned)
  3. Feather and fan socks--I'm working on the foot of the first sock
  4. Henry's lace baby blanket (wouldn't it be nice to finally finish this?)
That should keep me plenty busy. I won't have any airport/airplane knitting time since I will be entertaining Henry. Once I'm home I will be busy taking care of my mom, taking care of Henry, and fending off crazy relatives. But hopefully I will be able to sneak in a little bit of knitting somewhere.

I've also been informed that the local Ben Franklin is going out of business and everything is 70% off. I wonder if they have any yarn left?

Oooo.... wouldn't it be awesome to get some good yarn at 70% off?!!! Those things just make one so excited. heh

Good luck traveling with the baby - he'll do great. :)
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