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Saturday, October 08, 2005
  • Later this month, Henry and I are flying to Wisconsin for two weeks. My mom is having rotator cuff surgery so we will try to help her out a little (or at least keep her company). I will get to see fall (yay!), but I will also get to experience flying alone with a 4-month old (eek)! If anyone has tips on flying with babies, please share. I should get some knitting time (once we're home, not on the plane) and Henry and I will both get to wear some wool sweaters and socks!
  • Henry's Packer quilt is almost done. I just need to finish sewing on the binding (by hand).
  • I've been working on my feather and fan socks (love) and some secret commission knitting (henceforth known as SCK). I really need to make Henry a pumpkin hat before we leave and I might try to sew a few flannel sleepers for him.

I just stopped by from Knitting Sunshine. Imagine my delight to see the Packer Yarn.
We are big Packer fans. My husband and daughter are going to the game tomorrow. Yeah...believe it or not, we are Season Ticket Holders :o)

I have yarn in hand to made a Packers/felted buttonhole bag...

But man o man your sock yarn looks beautiful!

Enjoy your trip to Wisconsin!
Bring lots of warm clothes.
Fall has arrived :o)

Nice to meet you.

Go Pack, Go.

Hello Stephanie. When I flew with my baby I had her nurse during take-offs and landings. The constant swallowing helped keep her ears clear. This made take-offs and landings a piece of cake. When she got older I packed a sippy cup for her for the same reasons. A pacifier might work too, but mine would never use one. Enjoy the trip and the changing seasons!
Hi, Stephanie~

Try to request a bulkhead seat if you can...more room. Sometimes there's room for a baby carrier. British Airways had a fold down table where they put a baby carrier on it and strapped it down so that the baby could sleep. Worth a try.

Good luck.

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